Should I choose 2 bars or 3 for my bed rack?

This is entirely up to your application for the bars and personal preference. The bars are made out of 1.75″ tubing with .120″ wall (they’re really strong!) 2 bars will be plenty strong to hold up your tent; 3 bars will better support the ends and middle of your tent. If you are planning on running a larger RTT, you should choose 3 bars to avoid potential bowing in the middle of your tent.

What are Gear Panels?

Gear Panels are added to your bed bars to give you a complete rack system. With many bolt and slot patterns, the uses are limitless. Mount all your tools needed for any adventure with ease. Just a few ideas of what you can mount:

  • Axe
  • Hi-Lift
  • Traction Boards
  • Shovel
  • Rotopax
  • Fishing Poles
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Waterport
  • Led Pods

What’s the difference between the axe/hi lift mounts and the gear panel mounts?

They are the same mounts, just configured differently. If you want to mount just a couple tools, the axe/hi lift option is a good choice! It provides two tabs per side, allowing you to bolt your hi lift to one side and mount quick fist clamps on the other side to hold an axe or shovel. If you want more versatility and need more mounting options, the gear panel mounts will allow you to bolt gear panels directly to the rack.

How many gear panel mounts do I need?

1 set of gear panel mounts will support 1 gear panel. For a 3 bar rack with 4 gear panels, you will need 4 sets of gear panel mounts.

If I want to paint the bars and/or gear panels, what do you recommend?

First, you need to prep the bars to be painted. Steel is very dirty/greasy. The best option is to have them sand blasted. If this isn’t feasible, the next best thing is to use a degreasing agent. You can use dish soap such as Dawn and rinse with water. You will need to dry them thoroughly to prevent rust. Next, apply a coat or two of primer. The best spray paint we have found is Rustoleum truck bed liner. It has a textured finish that is similar to powder coating and has proven to be very durable.

If I choose powder coating, what can I expect?

The company we use has been powder coating for nearly 20 years. Their quality is top notch. Your order will be sand blasted and powder coated with a textured black finish. If you want a custom color, please ask before placing your order. Custom finishes will incur additional charges.