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  • Jamey says:

    Yes I was just wondering what kind and how much lift is on your Tacoma? And also what size wheels and tires and what offset? And how much trimming if any to clear them tires?

  • admin says:

    Hello Jamey-

    Thanks for the question. I’m working on a build sheet to add to the ‘About’ page on the site. It is a 4″ Tuff Country lift sitting on 33×12.50 Fuel Mud Gripper MT’s. 18×9 Fuel Hostage wheels with a -12mm offset and not trimming yet. After the lift settled in, it does rub slightly at full turn to the right when in reverse. It isn’t enough to do any harm, but eventually I will do a cab mount chop. Hope this answers your questions!


  • jack says:

    Where are you located? These racks look dialed, and I see Colorado plates in some of the photos and would love to avoid the hassle of shipping if possible.

  • Megan says:


    What’s the weight limit of your bed racks, and the diameter of the bars? We’re trying to find a rack with a bit of lift that’s compatible with the Yakima Skyrise Medium Size Truck Tent. The only compatible Yakima rack doesn’t lift at all and we’d like to increase storage capacity of the bed (plus it’s an arm and a dang leg considering it doesn’t achieve what we want).

    I think the major compatibility points include:
    – Bar clamp designed to fit bars within the following parameters
    – 15mm – 43mm high
    – 28mm – 90mm wide
    – Roof rack system must have a minimum of 165 LB load carrying capacity


    • admin says:


      Thank you for the question!

      The bars are made out of 1 3/4″ DOM tubing with .120″ wall. I don’t know the weight limit of the bars, but I can tell you that it takes 8 tons to bend them. Your truck tent will bend/break long before the bars do. I’ve had over 1,000 pounds on top of my bars and had no issues.

      Thank you,

  • Chris says:


    I like your Bedrack and Tacoma.

    Do you have a return policy?

    I would like to make certain that whatever vehicle tent I decide to go with is capable of mounting on your bedrack.



  • admin says:

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you- we like them too!

    If you’re not satisfied with our bed bars, you can return them. The bars are universal and we haven’t ran in to any tents that won’t mount to these bars.

    Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


  • Mike says:

    Are the tabs for the hi-lift/axe mount compatible with something like a quickfist or similar clamp?

  • Curtis says:

    Quick question in regards to the LED pod brackets. Can you use Rigid Ind./ Baja Design lights with the mounts?


  • Austin says:

    Just got a 2018 Tacoma TRD Pro and just wanted to clarify the “2005+” bed rack will fit the 3rd gen Tacos? Love the simple look and price point on your racks!!

  • John Turner says:

    I like your low bed bars for the tacoma and want to purchase a pair. I live in Denver and would like to pick them up. Are they in stock? Or do I need to order them? Where can I pick them up at?
    Thanks, your truck looks great!

    • admin says:


      All bars are made to order. I am out of town until the 9th and can fabricate them once I get back. Orders will be completed in the order they are received. Pickup in Colorado Springs, CO.

      Thank you,

  • Alessandro Paolini says:

    I have a friend that has one of your bed racks on his Tacoma and it looks great. I don’t have a Tacoma, but am curious if you you can fabricate a set for my Dodge Ram?

  • Ryan says:

    Any chance your LED pod mounts for the bumper will work with a 2016 Tundra?

  • Joe says:

    What alloy/grade steel do you use for the bed bars? Thanks!

  • Dan roberts says:

    Just wondering if you ship to BC Canada. If so what would be the approximate cost of shipping.

  • brent_brummett says:

    Do you need 2 or 3 bars on a 5ft bed to accommodate a tent?

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